As bizarre as it seems, the UK is in the midst of a solar revolution.
Who’d have thought it? Last year it was one of the world’s fastest growing solar markets – even with the amount of rain we have?

The UK has seen an incredible 2.5GW installed from a standing start in 2010 until today (2013), with more than 1.5GW in planning right now. The UK Government have a target of between 11.9GW and 22GW of solar to be installed by year 2020, so the solar industry is set for a boom time, driven in part by the Feed in Tariff and more recently Renewable Obligation Certificates, which have helped to subsidise investment in solar.

Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC’s) are the key driver behind the current boom. Coupled with falling panel prices (one third of the cost today compared to 2010/early 2011) and a now stable subsidy environment, it has led a climate where investors once again feel comfortable investing in the UK solar market, even though the sun doesn’t shine quite as much as in Mediterranean countries, there is enough to make it worthwhile. 



The team at Acrius has been active in the UK solar market since April 2011 and have developed, built and sold over 18MW of solar from 100KW roofs to large scale ground mounted solar farms under both ROC’s and Feed in Tariff’s including one project of 5MW completed in less than 2 weeks from breaking ground to connection – a feat we don’t believe has been achieved elsewhere in the UK.

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 The Acrius Team